Driveways: We can replace your existing driveway with brick, asphalt or concrete. Each product has its pros and cons. We are happy to offer pricing for each type you are interested in using.

Concrete: Concrete can be used for driveways, walkways and stoops. Concrete is durable and affordable option and can freshen up the look of a home at a reasonable cost.

Brick Pavers: Brick pavers enhance the look of your home and can be applied to walkways, driveways, patios and outdoor kitchens. We can build planters and decorative columns with brick as well.

Driveway Aprons: Each town or municipality will have certain requirements regarding the apron (the skirt between the sidewalk and the street). Aprons can be Belgium block, concrete, brick or asphalt. Aprons are reinforced with rebar when using concrete and are usually thicker than the driveway itself.

Walkways and Sidewalks: Do you know the difference between a walkway and a sidewalk? Silly but, a walkway goes from the 'sidewalk' or driveway to your home. A sidewalk is normally across the front of a property. Usual application for sidewalk is 4" thick concrete. Some towns allow for brick.

New Concrete: A sidewalk can be installed to replace an existing one, or a new sidewalk can be installed if one doesn't exist. Rebar is not needed in most sidewalks and normally a concrete sidewalk is 4" thick with 3500 psi concrete

New Brick Pavers: Brick pavers installed in a sidewalk application are placed on top of RCA (recycled crushed aggregate) and 1" of bed sand. These products allow drainage which helps to keep the pavers from moving.

Parking Lot Services: For our commercial customers, we can resurface your parking lot, repair pot holes, seal and line including handi-capped, parking stall and in/out arrows as needed.

Asphalt and Concrete Maintenance: Our company can help maintain and repair concrete and asphalt. Curbs, parking stops and building repairs are just a few things.

Pot Hole Repair: Pot hole repairs by Mignones are better than any of our competitors. There is a right way of doing this; you can count on us to properly repair a pot hole to avoid reoccurance.

Line Striping: This is a commercial service we provide. Parking stall lines, arrows, handi-capped-whatever the needs, we can stripe your lot.

House Veneer: Veneer can be brick, stone or stucco. Most people have vinyl siding, why not make your house stand out by adding veneer.

Fireplaces: Build a new centerpiece to your home. We can build any type of fireplace using brick or stone.

Stoops: Stoops and porches are made from concrete, stone or brick. We can veneer an existing stoop/porch as long as its in good condition. This helps to save our customers money.

Building Maintenance: Any and all building repair work is available. Stucco, concrete, brick or block. We can tooth-in a brick repair, fix damaged caused by trucks or equipment to the interior or exterior of your building.

Decorative Columns: Columns can be built out of stone or brick and can be used for planters, lights or just for a decorative extension to enhance the look of your property.

Patios: Install a new patio in your yard using brick, concrete or a combination of both. The manufacturers have all different types of stone available as well. Extend an existing patio or re-face the one you already have. Upon inspection we will let you know if you can add pavers over an existing concrete patio. Patios are always pitched properly so water sheds away from your home.

Concrete: Concrete patios can be enhanced with brick borders or brick accents. A concrete patio is only 4" thick and does not require any rebar.

Brick Paver: The brick paver manufacturers began making new products that look like stone so you are no longer limited to a simple paver. The least expensive product is a brick paver, which is actually made from concrete products, colored and shaped to look like a brick.

Blue Stone: Natural stone is an exquisite way to show off your yard, there are hundreds of stone products. I am more than happy to help customers at the suppliers yards to make a selection. Proper installation of stone is important to help maintain the life of your bluestone patio.

Power Washing/Sealing: For those of us who have had patios, walkways and driveways for a long time, freshen up your pavers with a good powerwash, sand and seal.

Patios: Its likely that your older patio may have moss or grass growing and will need to be re-sanded. This is a very reasonable way to clean up your yard. We recommend this service in the spring, and it only needs to be done every few years.

Walkways: Walkways are also prone to weed and moss growth. We can enhance and clean up your walkway with a good power washing, re-sanding and sealant.

Stoops: Stoops are no stranger to efflorvesence, dirt, stains and can also have weed growth and moss. A simple power washing, sanding and sealing are an inexpensive way to clean up a poor looking entry way.

Bar-B-Ques: Bar-B-Q's and out door kitchens are popping up all over long island. The yard is now an extension of your home; we give ourselves all of the conveniences of indoors outside now. You can veneer your bar-b-que with brick or stone and add a nice granite top.

Stone Veneer: Stone veneer can be applied to bar-b-ques and outdoor kitchens. There are also kitchen kits available from the popular manufacturers.

Brick Veneer: Brick veneer is another way to enhance an outdoor kitchen or bar-b-que area.

Cultured Stone: Cultured stone has many applications. It can be used on fireplaces, veneer, retaining and garden walls, decorative columns.

Snow Removal: Snow 'moving' as the insurance companies like to call it, services are available. We only offer this to commercial customers. Pricing and detailed contracts are provided.

Brick Pointing: Brick pointing and tuck pointing are necessary when the mortar joint in any type of brick starts to crumble. This is a natural wear and tear and can occur 20-30 years after the installation of brick.

Retaining and Garden Walls: There is a big difference between a retaining and a garden wall. Garden walls are decorative, retaining walls hold back earth. There are very specific guidelines to building a retaining wall properly. Both types of walls can be built with the same materials showing but the retaining wall has a lot more product behind the finished one!

Porches: Our company would be happy to build a new porch from the beginning or veneer your existing one. Use of brick or stone veneer is applicable here.

Pools Patios/Coping: Buidling pool patios and installing coping properly is very important. The area around a pool needs proper settlement time in order to not have a patio settle and become lumpy and bumpy. We repair old patios and coping and install new.